Scalable Intelligence

Your data speaks to you, so you no longer have to speak for it!

Why use artificial intelligence on your data if nearly 90% of data projects fail before they go into production?

HephIA offers an innovative solution making massive data readable and usable by businesses with minimal effort. With HephIA, give your data teams the means to involve your business or engineering experts at the heart of data projects!

Our Solution

Accelerate the time to market of your AI and data projects thanks to an automated digestion of your data for your business and data experts.


Increase the reliability of knowledge and control its impact in production thanks to a simple and intuitive interface and powerful interactive visual restitutions


Succeed in your AI and data projects, and make the best decisions in no time thanks to a deep understanding of your data and its intrinsic value.

How does the HephIA solution work?

By processing your data in a mostly unsupervised way, HephIA allows you to be close to the data, without having to explore it manually. HephIA maps your massive data (or not) in an automated way, and detects the most relevant information to extract.

HephIA also allows, thanks to its proximity to the data, to detect and explain biases and discriminations allowing your experts a more objective and ethical AI.

Take the best decisions at the earliest stages in your projects thanks to the intelligent insights provided by the HephIA solution.

An innovative and integrable solution for industry

In addition to being the solution to your data management problems, HephIA integrates perfectly with existing AI processing systems. Once structured using the HephIA solution, easily label your data, eliminating the risks associated with Big Data management.

Our solution can also be used as an effective preliminary phase to traditional supervised and predictive AI.

Main characteristics

Scalable Unsupervised AI is rich with essential and powerful patterns to tackle large-scale AI projects. These technologies make it possible to organize and abstract large amounts of data , which are difficult for human operators to understand in their raw form, providing an expert with an overview and a global understanding of their data.
hephia product feature label-free ai

Unlabeled data

Exploit a lot of data that has been left in your data-lakes until now, even if it cannot be actioned with classic predictive AI.

hephia product feature label-free ai

Unsupervised AI

Data mapping, Identification of rare cases and anomalies, Detection of data quality or label issues, and more!

hephia product feature label-free ai

Big and small data

Process your data regardless of its size, from a few KB to thousands of TB with the same algorithms.

hephia product feature label-free ai

Multiple data types

Exploit data of different natures: binary tabular, categorical and numerical; univariate and multivariate temporal, etc.

And more :

  • Ready for the cloud (on your company space) and deployable on premise.
  • HephIA does not have access to your data. The solution is hosted on your cloud space or on your servers. No data transfer is made to our servers.
  • Easily integrated into your processes using the Python language.
  • State-of-the-art research packaged and maintained on a recurring basis for you.
  • No need to understand data engineering and modern scalable computing architectures. All this is managed for you by HephIA.

Some Use Cases

la solution d'HephIA s'adapte aux besoins de l'industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0

Give your business experts an effective understanding of the data from your production lines, test benches, sensors on your products, or even your digital twins. Our technologies have already been used successfully in industry, for example in the fields of aeronautics, energy and automotive.
You too: access the continuous improvement of your production systems and your products.

la solution d'HephIA s'adapte aux smart city et smart building

Smart City / Buildings

Optimize cities and buildings by automatically analyzing data from sensors, computer networks and human feedback. So enable your experts to make better global strategic decisions, for example in the management of transport systems, energy production, water supply and waste management. Our technologies have, for example, been used to analyze indoor air quality data in buildings.

la solution d'HephIA réponds aux besoins des assurances et banques

Finance / Insurance

Finance / Insurance By highlighting recurring situations on financial information systems, our solution allows you to understand market contexts and anomalies. For the insurance market, HephIA can, for example, effortlessly obtain a topology of claims encountered in practice to facilitate data exploration. Our technologies have notably been used for fraud detection and in the study of fires and floods related claims.

From research lab to industry

The development of the AI tools offered by the company is based on a long laboratory history of nearly 15 years of research around the unsupervised scalable AI research team, at the Paris Nord Computer Science Laboratory (LIPN, UMR CNRS 7030) from Sorbonne Paris Nord University (USPN) .
The group’s work is the result of numerous research and industrial partnerships on very ambitious projects with contributions in various fields such as: automotive, aeronautics, topographic analysis, bioinformatics, research into information and the environment.

Who are we?

Anthony Coutant doctor of artificial intelligence

Anthony Coutant

Ph.D & Co-founder

With a doctorate in AI and a triple competence in AI / Software Development / Management, Anthony has developed a sensitivity for the development of high-performance software tools for AI. He has an experience of more than 8 years on ambitious AI projects, both in academic and industrial contexts.

Yann Girard data and product scientist

Yann Girard

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Yann Girard has been in data and AI projects for over 20 years. He has developed a solid expertise in adapting data science to the challenges of business domains and companies. Yann is thus a pillar at HephIA of the transformation of solutions resulting from research into marketable products.

Gael Beck doctor unsupervised artificial intelligence

Gael Beck

Ph.D & Co-founder

Gaël is a doctor in scalable unsupervised AI and an expert in programming AI solutions for massive data. His field experience as a Machine Learning engineer for several years at Kameleoon has enabled him to successfully lead projects combining cutting-edge AI, scalability on big data, and the industrialization of concrete solutions.

Mustapha Lebbah teacher researcher machine learning

Mustapha Lebbah

Ph.D & Co-founder

Mustapha has been a researcher in AI since 2005, and was a member of the LIPN laboratory. In September 2022 Mustapha join the DAVID Lab, Université Paris-Saclay-UVSQ as a Full Professor. Senior expert in scalable unsupervised AI, he is the author of multiple publications. His research career is marked by numerous academic and industrial partnerships on very ambitious projects.

Our partners

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30 rue de Gramont
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Galilee Institute – University of Paris 13
99 avenue Jean-Baptiste Clement
93430 Villetaneuse

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